Becoming a Yoga Teacher through the Net

Contrary to what most people think, yoga is not just an exercise comprised of stretches and poses. It's a discipline that goes deep down into your core and develop your spirituality, instilling unshakable calm and peace in the process. It is the ultimate goal; physical fitness, stress reduction, and health improvements are only very desirable side effects.
For most avid practitioners, yoga becomes a way of life. Thus, it's not unsurprising if someday a practitioner dreams to become a teacher. Feeling the drive to share the craft and watch someone else share in the benefits of practice is inevitable. However, learning and teaching yoga, although closely linked, are two different things. When you're a student, your master serves as your guide. But once you choose to be a teacher, you become responsible for someone else. It is necessary that you learn how to pass on the skills, knowledge, and principles of yoga correctly.
In becoming a yoga teacher, you must prepare yourself both physically and mentally. You would encounter more complex body positions and learn new techniques. At the same time, you would be studying the craft deeper. Remember, Hindu philosophy is the foundation of yoga. To understand yoga better, you have to delve into the history and evolution of the discipline. You need to have the patience to read through several books and articles, do research on your own, learn anatomy, and study asana.
Learning to become a yoga teacher requires both time and money. Once you enroll in a training program, there would surely be a schedule you need to work with. If you have other commitments like a full-time job, this is something you should seriously consider. Also, training classes are not given out for free. The cost of training programs usually depends on the school of your choice and the type of yoga you want to specialize in.
If money and time are not problems, most students would rather fly to India, live in an ashram, and learn from a master. If this is not possible, then studying yoga in a local school is the second option. Registered schools and certified teachers are easy to find these days.
Moreover, there is a third option: Online Yoga Teacher Training. Think of it like distance learning. You don't have to be in school to earn a degree. The same principle applies here. Thanks to the power of the Internet, learning yoga could also be done from a distance. For more information about Yoga Teacher Training Course, click here.


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